10 Benefits of Reading Books


With the increase in technology in today’s world, reading books has become less common actually. The steady decline in the book reading is becoming worrying.

Why you should read a book when you can have access to it electronically? Why you should waste the space in your home when you can just read it on your phone or computer?

Today reading a good book is just considered a form of entertainment, most people are content with scrolling through their phones and reading the latest gossips from online magazines, newspapers, and just on their friend’s news feed through social media.


Why Reading books is important?

Reading is so important because it develops our thoughts, provides us infinite knowledge and lessons. Also keeps our minds active and helps us to learn and makes us smarter to develop knowledge, vocabulary, and thinking skills.

In today’s world where the information is generous, reading a book is one of the best ways to be informed. Though reading might seem to be like fun it can help your body and mind without even realizing you what is happening.

 What makes reading so much important?

It can be for infinite reasons and not just knowledge. Those who don’t enjoy reading, you might change your mindset after hearing about its benefits -such as sharpening your mind, imagination, and writing skills. Having so many advantages, it should be an everyday occurrence to read.


So, here are 10 amazing benefits of reading books.

1. Helps you to broaden your perspective

reading books broads perspective and vision


Books allow you to see the world from a completely different perspective. For example, Reading books about a certain culture or language can help you to understand how that culture differs from your own. You might not agree with its perspective but at least you will see things from a different angle.

We act the way we learn because that’s what we learned during our successive years. We see things from the angle of our own experience. But books contain the experiences of others too, whether it is a failure whether it is a success.

Let’s take an example, Parda Pratha in India can be seen as a kind of oppression on women by the western culture. But instead, it’s taken as a spirituality of Indian culture by the Indians. The perspective contradicts but it is a huge world out there, and reading books is the way to expand your perspective to all the possibilities.


2. Stimulates mind

Reading books stimulates mind to grow


Reading is great fun but also has many benefits for your mental health in the form of thinking and evolving. By concentrating on the words and sentences, it stimulates your brain and cognitive functions.

Thus can help sharpen your mind, especially the ‘Parietal Cortex’, the part of the brain that is responsible for concentration and critical analysis. It sharpens the brain much like you would sharpen a pair of scissors.

It won’t just help with your critical analysis, but it will also improve your brain functioning. The constant stimulation of the brain strengthens your thinking and analyzing skills.


3. Expends your vocabulary and knowledge

Reading books increses vocabulary and knowledge


While reading, you may come across many words that you don’t understand or even recognize. This will make you curious to look for the word and discover its definition. You would either go for a physical or online dictionary. Both can be beneficial to understand that new word.

Searching for the definition helps your brain learn that new word. Just think how far your vocabulary has come since you first learned to read. Now you know many effective words that sound more intelligent than when you first started the reading.

How it benefits you?

 Well, after a long time of reading and looking up new words that you don’t understand, your vocabulary begins to expand one word at a time. If you read words and phrases every day, it will fill your brain with a new collection of vocabulary that you might never have learned before.


4. Improves your focus and memory

reading books improves focus and memory


Reading books every day, at least a little, can improve your focus and your memory functions. Just like everyday physical exercise, it is also a form of mental exercise that pushes your memory and focus to the infinity.

How can your focus improve?

 You won’t understand what you are reading unless you’re focused to it. While sitting down to read a book or article or doing a math problem. To get it correct, you have to focus intently on that topic and problem. When you read and the memory function in your brain, your focus is exercised, which helps to improve your overall focus.

Do you remember the tests in your elementary schools?

 As you were tensed and intended to read to perform best, your focus power increased in comparison to random days of reading. You could memorize 100 times more than other learning days. This is the power of focus.


5. Improves your writing ability

reading books also improves your writing ability


Reading makes readers well-rounded individuals. Those who read, evaluate, and write, know the importance of reading. Whether you write something for work or just for fun, but reading books can improve your writing skills and abilities. You can’t even realize that in how many ways reading can help you in writing.

How do reading and writing help?

Writers are often great readers as well because they seek the fulfillment of reading. Thus, they can apply in writing. By focusing on the way, novels and other books are set up and written, you can apply these formats and styles.

Thus, you can improve your writing skills considerably. Studying other writers’ writing is a great tool, especially if you enjoy reading. Even authors of best-selling books use this tool for evolving writing styles and themes.


6. Lowers the stress and tension

reading books lowers the stress, anxiety and tension


Yes, it is true that reading books is a great form of entertainment, but what you might not realize is that reading books can help in lowering stress levels. Don’t get shocked, it’s a fact.

By focusing on the written word can help you relieve your mind of anxiety and the pressures of the day. By pulling your mind away from the stress ongoing in life, you can relax and let the stress melt away.

It sounds too good to hear, but how does reading books decrease stress?

Your brain can immediately transport itself to a different world with different people and ideas. By this, you can allow yourself to take a breath, relax and be swept away to another world through the thoughts written on the page.

Stress affects your routine and life. After a long period of intensive stress, it can be harmful to your overall health. Both novels and other literature can help you solve the issues that stress is caused by.

Allow your mind and body to relax. Once you start, you will start to focus, not on the stress, but on the words and the story.

Thus, reading books can lower your stress level, making you feel better mentally and physically. Beautiful thoughts and ideas can penetrate within your mind.


7. Relieves from depression and dysthymia

reading books reduces depression and dysthymia


Reading good books can be extremely beneficial for someone who might suffer from depressive tendencies but not enough to need treatment. You can prefer self-help books that can be found at any library, bookstore, or online bookshop.

They are not only books that can help ease the depressive tendencies of someone. But novels, short stories, magazine articles, fiction, and non-fiction books can also contribute to ease these tendencies. By reading them you are then no longer worried about your depressive state but focused on the story.

As the stimulation of the brain is extremely helpful when it comes to ease something depressive. The feeling of happiness comes from stories that can brighten your mood, helping your day turn from gloomy to glad. Of course, it is not a permanent solution for any serious problem, but it can definitely help to ease the difficulties of depression.


8. Boosts Your Sleep

reading books like novels boosts your sleep


It sounds funny, right? But as depression and anxiety causes sleeping disorders like insomnia, effects your mental health and daily activities.

Did you know that reading books can also help with your sleep?

 No, this doesn’t mean that it helps you fall asleep, but it does contribute to mental relaxation. Reading, since it enables you to relax and de-stress, can help you to get pulled into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Books are a great company at night before going to bed. It helps you to shed down the worries, stress, and the tensions of the day. If your day is full of work and business, take a breath. The relaxation that books can bring to you is just one of the wonderful benefits of reading books every night before bed.


9. Fills your life with entertainment and peace

reading books can fill you with entertainment and peace


Of course, the entertainment is typically what draws enthusiastic readers to pick up the book. In fact, it has been a solid form of evergreen entertainment. It creates a positive attitude. Though reading books is perfect for entertainment but also to increase wisdom level along with it.

Every reader knows that going through a book can be peaceful and relaxing state of mind. By immersing yourself deeply in a good book, you can almost feel any stress or worry melted away. You are both entertained and relaxed just by reading a book.


10. Brightens your day

reading books brightens your day


Books are the real source of joy to your life on a daily basis. The act of reading books is a great benefit both to mental and physical health, but it can also brighten your day. Sometimes the days can be stressful and tensed. But when you open a new book with a refreshing fragrance of it, you would definitely love it.

Yes, there are many reasons to feel upset about stressful situations. Just take some time out and read a little bit, and feel relaxed. A little time spent alone with a good book is a lovely way to spend your day or night. Books are easy to carry around and especially e-books.


Books are amazing things, they can be the true path shower. Regular reading books can lead to a healthy and wise lifestyle. They fill every empty corner of our life with glamour, beauty, entertainment, and fantasies.

We can get to know the road not to be taken by the experiences of other people written in a book. We can be able to choose and achieve what suits our taste and aspirations by the guide o books.

Reading a good book our lives get filled with the romance of the discipline. It helps in every aspect of your life, maybe it is spirituality, business, and relationships. You will definitely get a better understanding of your life and existence.

So take this challenge and start reading just one book a day, today onwards!

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