10 Ways to cope with worse situations

How to cope with worse situations of life

If you are under the shades of gloom, there is no way out. You are down in the dumps and feeling stuck, no effort shows any result. You want to quit up and get back to the time when you started or end life. But you have to cope with these worse situations of your life.

Some days are better, some days are worse.

Look for the blessings, instead of the curse.

Be positive, stay strong, and get enough rest.

You can’t do it all, but you can do your best.


Does it sound familiar?

Just remind yourself

No matter how tough the situation is. It won’t stay long if you are determined to get out of it. You just need to improve your qualities and to change the perspective to see the world around you. Being positive and ambitious you will come to know the opportunities and hopes around you.

The situation may or may not be isn’t that bad. But it destroys your thinking power and you find nothing working. You might have tried one or two things but not everything.

So, here is a list of the 10 most challenging situations of life in which you can learn to stand strong.


1. Failure

It is the only result that is expected but never desired. Failure is inevitable in life, but how you overcome challenges and use them to your advantage is what matters. You are always taught that being wrong and making mistakes is wrong. You are anxious to make any mista

How to overcome

  • Embrace your emotions. Acknowledge how you are feeling.
  • Recognize unhealthy attempts to reduce pain.
  • Create a list of healthy coping skills of better strategies hang it on a prominent place.
  • Acknowledge inaccurate beliefs about failure, they can prevent you from doing things where you may fail.
  • Accept an appropriate level of responsibility and ask yourself what you can learn from it.
  • Recognize what you can do differently next time.
  • Create a plan for moving forward by putting the information you gained from failing. 


2. Bad decisions

 You make decisions every single day some are good, some are bad and some are worst. But decisions have a great influence on where you will land in the future. You endanger yourself by making bad decisions.

How to recover

  • Take full responsibility for your choices and action.
  • Find the cause and understand why it happened so you can avoid making similar decisions in the future.
  • Understand your choices and make a crystal clear vision of what actually you want to get.
  • Ask yourself what can be fixed and changed right now.
  • If your decision hurts anyone else, the best thing to do is apologize and explain.
  • Focus on what’s happening now is the most productive thing to move forward from your choice.
  • Be proactive in the future. 

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3. Health issues

A serious illness often arrives unannounced but takes a grievous toll – physical, financial, and emotional. Health issues shut down the mental health too. You get to feel like we have loosened up everything, time money, and caliber to progress in your life. Health issues may be simple as fever or critical as cancer but make us feel left behind in the human race.

How to overcome

  • Motivate yourself from inside and out that you are still on the platform.
  • Maintain a healthy diet, “Healthy mind lives in the healthy body”.
  • Take up yoga and some exercise daily.
  • Follow good sleep and hygiene.
  • Take on new responsibilities to be fulfilled that will keep your mind busy.
  • Reach out to your social circle and friends for the refreshment of mind.


4. Rejections

Whether you are excluded from a social engagement or you are passed up by promotion, rejection hurts. It may be your life changing opportunity whether official or personal that you have supposed to be there but unfortunately rejected. This creates an aggressive temper and loosens down your encouragement.

How to avoid and overcome it

  • Use that pain to become better and stronger.
  • Do not suppress, ignore, or deny but work on it to achieve better.
  • View rejection as evidence and push the limits up.
  • Live the life fullest.
  • Treat yourself with compassion and respond to negative self-talk with kinder and more affirming messages.
  • Don’t allow rejection to define you and learn from rejection. 


5. Unemployment

When you have the desire to work and earn but you don’t have an opportunity to reach on time, neither do you have a business to run. That would be the scariest thing to happen in life ever.

How you can defeat it

  • Reduce expenses.
  • Secure temporary health insurance.
  • Can be a reseller.
  • Set-up your home-based business and be financially free. You can be a service provider such as web designer, party planner, and many more.
  • Can have the job of a freelance assignment writer.
  • Prepare for a specific job within the industry.


6.Natural calamity

Like any traumatic event, natural disasters can bring high levels of stress, anxiety, and anger they can also result in the tremendous destruction of property and financial loss. It can affect your stress levels and disrupt the coping effects

How to cope with it

  • Identify local support groups or available crisis counselors to talk to.
  • Connect with social support by seeking.
  • Focus on self-care.
  • Have meditation to lower your neural stress.
  • Find ways to help others for soul satisfaction.
  • Try to limit other sources of stress in your life. 


7. Misunderstanding

A simple misunderstanding can cause a major conflict. Reality is subjective therefore every single person has a different point of view based on experience, triggers, culture, and a host of other items. Misunderstanding can be in any field, it may be official, personal, or communicative.

How to avoid it

  • Listen to others carefully before putting your opinion.
  • If once you have said, repeat it for a strong and clear opinion.
  • Don’t say if you are not about your perspective, it should be well researched and sound.
  • Be flexible and don’t argue if your views are not exactly the same as the other one.
  • If a conflict has occurred as a result of a misunderstanding, have a pause and give it time to examine.
  • Learn from the events and to try to resolve them.


8. Changing friendship

You always suppose your friendship to never last. But you simply have to accept that things will go change, and the changes that happen won’t always be comfortable.

How to cope with it

  • Be comfortable and don’t be afraid to ask for things. Being direct can feel awkward but it builds a strong bond between you.
  • Give honor and love but don’t expect in return because when it won’t happen it will sour the friendship.
  • Stay true to what you have said.


9. Aging

As you grow older, many changes occur in your life both physical and emotional and coping with these changes can become stressful. The truth is that everyone once has to face this old age and its peculiar results.

How to cope with it

  • Often see your physician and have updates of cholesterol and hemoglobin.
  •  Consult your health provider before signing up for an exercise program.
  • You can learn a new instrument, game, or language. That keeps your mind focused.
  • You can carry on your hobbies with a professional aspect.
  • Play and read with children. It is a boost for the soul.


10. Losing a loved one

Lose can be caused by distances in understanding and life loss. Everyone has a loving and most precious person whom he never wants to lose. Losing a loved one can be a very traumatic and charged time. Life without them can’t be imagined but still have to stay and continue the life.

How to cope with it

  • Allow the feelings, they are obvious, and let them pour out.
  • Gather and provide support.
  • Don’t allow the anger and depression overcome you.
  • Have courage and accept the reality.
  • Move forward and feel blessed with his never-ending blessings for you.



Never lose hope, you would never know what wonderful things tomorrow can bring. Move on and keep moving on are the two best things that can ever help you to win the toughest battle of your life.

Don’t forget to celebrate small moments of happiness because smile is the best medicine of all pains.



No matter what comes your way,

Stay positive and stay grateful.

Never lose hope and never stop fighting for what you believe in.


Share if you can relate the situations.


  1. Fabulous advice here Raksha. Being with grief and feeling your emotions is key when you lose a loved one. Me and my wife felt our feelings – and still do – regarding the death of her mom back in May 2020. I also grieve my mom because even though she is alive, she has been in a basic vegetative state since 2016, being in hospice. Feeling fear, pain and grief is the only way to let all these emotions go.


    • Hello Ryan Sir,
      Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to give your genuine feedback. I felt really bad about your mother-in-law’s departure but in this case, nothing is in our hands except strengthening ourselves. Hope your mother gets well soon miraculously. As you’re the inspiration to others, you must be strong enough emotionally. Let the magic happen!

      Raksha Kumawat


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