12 Ways To Limit Your Time On Phone


In today’s world cell phones have become indifferent part of human life. It has become so easy to let your life be consumed by a cell phone and social media. People are using their smartphones for almost everything these days.  Which results that you feel like technology has shackled you unconsciously. People are using phone altogether with daily routines like, while morning walk, breakfast, lunch, dinner, in park, in meeting, in assembly and rarely there is any example where phone is not used.Limit Your Time On Phone

As every Coin has two Faces. There are both uses, good one and bad one.

Yes, I do agree that we need to use phone for various works and requirements. But overuse of anything is hazardous. So, we should keep a check on excessive phone use. There are many ways to minimise the use of your phone. Put your phone aside for certain hours of the day.

The key to limit is to have a big-picture and personal understanding of what habits you want to change and why.

 If you’re worried a lot about how much time you spend on your phone. Here are some tips for how to limit your time on phone.

1. Monitor Your Phone Use

The first step to Limit Your Time On Phone is being honest with yourself. And monitor how much time you spend on your phone regularly. First of all you need to observe how often you’re on your phone, then you can decide how much you want to cut back. You can monitor your cell phone usage by having a time track manually writing in a small notebook. You can also use a phone app to watch how often you’re on your phone on regular basis.

Diamond Cuts Diamond.

Apps like StayFree, Space, Quality Time and MMGuardian can be used to monitor your phone usage. They will remind you periodically how much time you have spent on your cell phone on a particular day.

Time Monitoring apps
ways to limit time on phone

Once you get a sense of how much you are using your phone regularly, decide how much time you want to cut back.  For example, you use your phone for four hours a day and want to cut that to half. You can be habitual with only 120 minutes of phone usage in the coming days.

2. Turn Off Notifications

Many mobile apps come with notifications that tends you to get lost into your phone and apps. They encourages you to keep an eye on your phone, so that you can reply the emails, massages and calls. You become so impatience that you can abide yourself replying them.  For example, you receive a notification every time someone interacts with you on Facebook, Instagram, twitter or likes one of your Tweets. This will tend you to check these websites which can result into mindless browsing.

turn off notification
ways to limit time on phone

Most of the  new apps ask you if you want to allow notifications when you first install them. You should restrict them right then.

And turn off notifications on your existing apps too. It will become easier for you to avoid checking Facebook and whatsapp if you don’t get a notification telling you there’s a new message or notification.

3. Use A Real Alarm Clock

Many people use their phones as an alarm clock for reminders. This can lead you to check your Facebook, email, and other websites first in the morning and keep you scrolling through it. To lessen this temptation, it’s better to use an actual alarm clock. This way, your phone will not be the first thing you reach for in the morning time. Try to check least your phone when you just have waked up from a better sleep. It will reduce many kinds of mental pressure and anxieties.

Keep your phone silent when you are on work. Thus, you’ll have a phone-free space in your home. This also may help you with your sleep, as the light from cell phone screens can interfere with your sleep cycle.

4. Block Time To Respond To Message

 The fact is that phones are necessary. You cannot stop using a cell phone completely, especially if you rely on it for one for your work. But you can schedule time to reply and answer things like emails and text messages. In this way, you won’t be cloaked to your cell phone on and off all day and you will also make sure you reply messages in a timely format.

It’s important to schedule a time that works for you. Look at gaps in your schedule where you have free time or you are down at work.

5. Turn Your Phone Off During Certain Hours

Turn Your Phone Off During Certain Hours
limit yor time on phone

It’s extremely important to have some time when your phone is off altogether. It can be very tempting to grab your phone and get on Facebook, Instagram or whatsapp if your phone is right there close to you. Have a pre-set time each day when you power down your phone and disconnect.

It will be particularly helpful to do this right before going bed. This will help you disengage and uninterrupted for sleep. Thus, you can Limit Your Time On Phone.

6. Designate A Low-Traffic Room For Phone Charging

Instead of charging your phone in whichever room you are in, you can try charging it in a room that is not used very often. For example, you could designate your home or office as the charging station instead of the kitchen or living room. This will provide some free time for you while your phone charges that you can use in managing your other stuffs.

7. Remind Yourself That Everything Is Okay

If you worry about being without your phone in case of an emergency or any sudden event. Then putting down your phone for even a little while can be distressing too. However, always having a cellphone is not going to make a big difference in an emergency situation. Most people carry their phones, and even if no one do, then you could go to a nearby business store to call for help if there is an emergency.

The next time you should try to leave your house without your cell phone, try telling yourself something like, “I can stay without my phone for a while and I will be fine. If there is an emergency, then someone would help me.”

8. Try To Be Less Updated On Social Media

Some people have a tough time putting their phones down because they worry that they might miss out on important news or updates on social media. However, having the news or updates an hour sooner doesn’t not make a difference. Try to remind yourself of this if it is preventing you from putting down phone for a while.

Try To Be Less Updated On Social Media
limit yopur time on phone

If you are feeling anxious about being without news or being unupdated. Try to tell yourself that the news/updates will be there when you will pick up your phone again. It won’t make a difference if you find out an hour or two later.

9. Seek  Fulfillment

If getting “likes and comments” on your posts has become an integral part of your sense of happiness and pride. It may be time to branch out and try to find some alternative ways to feel happy and proud. Some things that may help you to become less dependent on social media include:

  • Trying a new hobby. Such as painting, diving, driving or cooking.
  • Looking for opportunities to shine at an institution or at work, such as by joining a club or taking on a special project.
  • Building your confidence.

10. Communicate About Online Safety

Children and teens can easily get troubled online. Have an open communication going in your home regarding safe usage of cell phones and other technologies.

You should be aware of pros and cons of phone uses and internet services. It is important to be aware of that the level of risk for each young person varies considerably. And it is ultimately the product of a complex set of interrelated factors including , skills, age, internet literacy and internet access and coping skills.

  • Discuss about online safety with young people
  • Prefer recommend evidence based resources
  • Understand and execute the key concerns to watch out for.
  • Use Less Data on Your Cell Phone

11. Be Aware Of Texting Applications

Many texting applications like skype, Google Hangouts, and third party apps, may use a lot of data. While they are free to download, you may end up burning through a lot of data each month using these apps.

texting apps 
ways to limit time on phone

Be sure, exchanging text messages alone should not eat up too much data. However, sending videos, audios and photos tends to use a lot of data, so cut down on the exchange of media messages and chats and Limit Your Time On Phone.

12. Avoid Music And Video               

audio and vedio
ways to limit time on phone

Listening to music through apps like Pandora, Spotify and watching videos online, eats through data fast. You should refrain from doing so unless you’re connected to wi-fi. Otherwise, you will eat up your mobile data quickly.

Many people watch movies or listen to music when they work out or having a morning walk. Be sure if your gym has free wi-fi.  Be sure you don’t eat up too much data during your regular workout.


  1. Good tips Raksha. I never even buy minutes for my phone LOL. My wife buys ’em for keeping in touch if we are both away from the internet but other than that, I simply use my phone for 5 minutes a day, tops.


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