7 Things to keep Quiet About

7 Things to Keep Quiet About
Secrets not to be revealed

7 Things to keep Quiet About: Yes Guys! There are so many reasons for us to feel forfeited and lonely. Sometimes we feel anxious, gloomy and unhappy because we think we don’t have a good enough life. We feel unsatisfied and un-content that we haven’t this and we haven’t that. Therefore we think sharing our problems with someone else can relax our mind and we feel good. But are we quite sure and confident about that person whom we share our problems won’t judge us when we reveal our secret information. There are only few good people who will support us in our personal failures, disabilities and insecurities.

But this is not that simple either. In reality the picture different.  There may be a more complicated way to look at this notion. We must categorize what to share and what to not. Few things are never meant to be shared. But it doesn’t mean nothing should be shared.  Only thing we should keep in mind is the right person to whom we are revealing the secrets in order to get helped to find peace and a solution.

There are lots of things that should be shared with family and loved ones. But there are also 7 things that you should always keep quiet about when interacting with people you don’t have complete faith in.

The 7 secret things are-

If you want your relationships to last longer with your partner, you should keep our problems to yourself.

1. Relationship Issues

Some relationship topics are entirely incompatible to talk with others. Because words can spread very quickly without your consideration and personal things can become public material. You should also think about how you would feel if your partner discussed private informations and matters with someone else.

And another reason why you should keep quiet on relationship matters is because the personal and emotional connection between the couple should only be shared within themselves. Unfortunately, the relationship therapists and counselors have found out from many cases that relationships ended due to outside interventions.

Many relationship problems are obviously caused by misunderstandings but also from outside interventions.

Relationship issues
nd  things to keep quiet about

Sometimes it’s okay to tell some of the things, petty things, but none of the hefty stuff. There should be no mention of your intimacy, arguments, disagreements or numerous home life issues. The reason why you should keep quiet is because these complaints or comments are like open windows to gossips. They can lead to cause division – evil advice, cheating partners and even stimulating violence.

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2. Family Problems.

Never invite outsiders to interfere into your family problems. Sharing your problems with others can ruin the trust in your marriage life. It is very important that you communicate directly to your spouse and get the problems sorted without looking for outsider’s advice.

Besides it, conflicts with in-laws is considered as one of the famous problems which married couples frequently face. Relationships with your in-laws can both be warm and difficult, totally depends on the information you are sharing. Therefore it is your responsibility that you should be precise with the information that you share.

This can be a bit more complicated issue but has to be always managed with care and affection. The extended or joint family, which is the family apart from your spouse and children, consists of parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and their children etc. There can be several issues that may arise between these members of the extended family. Priority, time together with and shares are common amongst them. But property and finance issues have become a recent problem which should never be discussed to people outside the involved parties.

family problems 
things to keep quiet about

Some critical issues like things involving inheritance, custody, and crime which should never pass through amongst members within the family. This can only be proved to be dangerous and highly dramatic. Many times, information within the extended family members can be some of the most critical topics that should never be leaked.

But sharing family remedies with your spouse and close members of the family can help you articulate a solution.


3. Medical Information

You should be sure that your medical information should not get into hands outside your family members. People will judge and treat you based on specific disabilities and illnesses. Therefore the chances you get rejected and separated from the society get increased.

Moreover many People had to lose their relationships due to untimely release of medical informations.

Under any circumstances medical info shouldn’t be shared outside the family. Even some complicated information should be kept in tight circles within the family. Sharing medical information is illegal, and also immoral. People are often judged because of their illnesses, disabilities and refused facilities like jobs and other positions of significance.

medical information
 things to keep quiet about

Let’s have an incident,

If you are applying for a job or post revealing your illness, you might be disqualified because every department prefers a healthy employee for better work productivity.


4. Fears and Phobia

You may feel distressed and lacs confidence when faced with fears and phobias. This can prevent you from leading your normal lifestyle. This can even lead you to panic attacks.

If you are dealing with fears and phobias, you should keep this to yourselves. It can be quiet normal for you to have certain phobias, but it’s not something that you should share with others. Certain people might use your fears against you to get an upper hand. That can even be used to talk about more often just to build-up negativity within you.

It does never mean that you should face your fears alone. You can take help of your spouse or a close family member. Your loved ones do not want to see you unhappy ever, therefore they will always support you and build your confidence up.

The fear can be of being isolated from family, loved ones or society. Although it may feel liberating or getting freedom, but it can also be used against you.

fears and phobia
 things to keep quite about

Let’s have an example,

Once you disclose you fear or phobia, people with evil mentality can take advantage of you. It can become a cause of torture for you.


5. Goals

You might think that sharing your goals with others will increase your chances of achieving them or builds up your confidence level. According to psychology Professors, the above fact is not true. In many studies it is identified that people who keep their intentions to themselves were more likely to achieve them than those who made them announce publicly. Therefore you should resist from sharing your goals with others as not everybody is going to be happy about your success.

Yes, I do believe that some people are kind, loyal, and supportive but not everyone. Unfortunately, certain People can use your information to destroy your life or put you in an unexpected trouble. Therefore make sure that certain information which could affect your lives does not become public information.

7 things to keep quiet about

Let’s have an example,

If you reveal your goal before it’s completion and you might fail in getting so. You can become victim trolls and criticism.


6. Income

Unfortunately, money is a touchy concern for a lot of people. Some people are going to hate you if you make too much money and others will look down on you if you don’t make enough money. It will give you status as well as jealousy. Therefore, it’s far more better to keep that kind of information to only yourself. And keep working on improving your financial status to deal and to hold water with judgment of others, which will facilitate the task for you.

things to keep quiet about

Let’s have an example,

If you reveal your actual income, people with jealousy would certainly try to weaken you.


7. Next move

“Never tell anyone what next step you are going to take.”

You probably would have laughed at the statement. It makes absolutely no sense to you why you need to be silent about stuff. When someone you are going through a change in your life or making a decision in your life naturally you want to be talk about it, want to get more suggestions, right?

next move 
things to keep quiet about

Let’s have an example,

 If you are going to sign a great deal with your successful business partner and you announce it before than it can be proved harmful or hazardous for you.

If you are one of those people who shares their goals or their intentions in an article, interview or a video, I’m suggesting you to stop now.

Stop for your own sake.



So keep yourself quiet. The best things come to those who silently work on their goals and use discretion.

I am sure you have never considered some of these things before. Maybe you are just young and you trust easily on people. But it’s not good every time. Well, it’s not always necessarily about trust only but also much as self-preservation. Try to keep yourself quiet about some things in your life whether they are personal or professional important things.  

Don’t let everyone mind your business.

Keep always in mind.


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