Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses rest to best

A successful founder has a working knowledge of each aspect of the business – from foundation to its expansion. And the expansion directly depends on the digital marketing skills. So, Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses are listed here.

One of the easiest and best ways to learn digital marketing is to enroll yourself in a digital marketing training course. A good DM course will help you build the skills required to become a successful digital marketer, sequentially boosting your career.

Is Digital Marketing Course worth it for you?

Digital marketing skills are one of the most crucial skills nowadays, not only to those actually working in this field but also to entrepreneurs, marketing specialists, marketing managers, and small business owners.

What are the Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses?

Here is a list of Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses for beginner to advance level covering each and every major topic.

1.   Google Digital Marketing Courses

Google Digital Marketing Courses Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses

It’s a certified course by Google itself to help aspirants like you to enter the field of digital marketing smoothly by learning all the major aspects. Google has an online course platform known as Digital Garage that offers free courses on a number of subjects to enhance your career and business development skills.

If you are new in digital marketing and want to get a clear idea about what is digital marketing and how its different components work together. Believe me, it’s a great start for you to follow this course.

The most important thing is – the certification is globally recognized and boosts your career.

However digital marketing covers a number of topics in detail. In particular, Google offers these following online marketing courses-

  •         Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (with certificate)
  •         How to start an online business
  •         Mobile Marketing
  •         How to make sure customers find you online
  •         Promote a business with content marketing
  •         How to promote a business with online advertising
  •         Social Media Advertising
  •         YouTube Course (with certificate)

These certifications of digital marketing fundamentals are accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

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2.   WordStream’s PPCz 101

WordStream’s PPCz 101 Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Pay-Per-Click simply is known as PPC, is a digital advertising model where the publisher is paid-per-click on an advertisement. PPC is executed everywhere. For example, when you search something on Google, the first few items are ‘Sponsored’ ads that are based on the PPC model.

As per the increased competition, it’s getting tough to get traffic even with paid reach. In this PPC course, you’ll get to learn the art and tricks of driving this paid traffic to your own site.

Usually, Google chooses a set of winners to appear in the valuable ad space of its search results page.

In the course, you will get to know about Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate Optimisation, Google Ads, Cost Per Click, and a lot more to say.

After you’re perfect at this, you can also take their paid-up courses too for intermediate and even advanced understanding.

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3.   SEMRUSH Academy

SEMRUSH Academy Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses


SEMRUSH is one of the most successful tools for digital marketing. To serve their users better, they offer a number of free digital marketing courses.

The best thing about these digital marketing courses is that they are taught by industry experts. Besides explaining every different concept, they also teach you their accurate application.

Besides this, you’ll get to learn how to use SEMRUSH perfectly increasing the chances of running successful digital marketing campaigns.

Their courses cover all digital marketing concepts like:

  •         SEO
  •         Content Marketing
  •         PPC
  •         Affiliate Marketing
  •         Social Media Marketing

Registration is absolutely free and you’ll get a certification on the completion of the course and the exams.

The course content is available in both video and text formats which are taught by reputable digital marketing professionals.

They cover almost all basic and advanced concepts. Even some specific courses are there on how to use SEMRUSH.

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4. HubSpot Online Marketing CoursesHubSpot Online Marketing Courses Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Even if you’re not using HubSpot’s tools in your marketing campaigns but their online courses are highly knowledgeable and worth spending time.

All courses are taught by industry experts like Matthew Barby and Sujan Patel. They’re highly experienced and recognized digital marketing professionals. The courses are easy to learn and the best thing is that they’re free.

You’ll get a clear idea about how HubSpot is using blogging to get thousands of visitors every single day from Google organic search.

Hubspot is a leading company in digital marketing with a range of tools like – CRM, SEO tools, sales, and content marketing.

Hubspot’s Digital Marketing Courses cover topics including:

  •         Inbound Marketing
  •         Content Marketing
  •         Email Marketing
  •         Social Media Marketing
  •         Contextual Marketing

Registration is absolutely free and you’re going to get a recognized certification once you complete the course.

Their few other courses with certification are also available including – Blogging, Search engine optimization, Facebook ads, and few other digital marketing courses.

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5. Copyblogger Online Marketing Course

Copyblogger Online Marketing Course Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Copyblogger is one of the most successful websites available on digital marketing when it comes to content writing. Its course is suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Writing great content is one of the most crucial skills for the success of any digital marketing campaign. Whether it’s an ad copy, long articles, review, or landing page. You must know how to write engaging content for your website. And this course is a great place to start.

Brian Clark is the author of copy blogger who’s also the creator of the most successful WordPress framework, Genesis.

The course is absolutely free and you can receive it through email and download ebooks. All you need to do is to register using your email address and can be a part of this worth learning course.

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6. Springboard’s SEO Course

Springboard’s SEO Course Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Generally, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of ranking your product/service on the top of searches in search engines like Google and Bing. SEO is a free method to get visitors to your brand organically, without paying.

Springboard’s SEO course is equipped with all the concepts required to drive internet traffic to your site. It comprises over 50 different resources within 8 main sections.

These include-

  •         History and fundamentals of SEO.
  •         Keyword research and content planning.
  •         On-page optimization.
  •         Technical SEO and link building.
  •         Tracking and reporting.

These courses include real case studies of all major topics that are superbly helpful in grasping practical concepts.

Quincy Smith is the expert behind Springboard courses and goes in great detail within the 44+ hour time span of this course.

With this great knowledge, you’ll learn to plan, implement, and monitor an SEO strategy for your businesses with growing your brand exponentially.

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7. Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training

Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses

Optinmonster is considered to be one of the most successful tools for increasing your website conversions. To teach its practicality, they’ve created a large number of free courses covering all the topics related to email marketing and conversion optimization.

Although, the optinmonster does not include courses on all digital marketing topics specifically. But it’s worth learning because once you manage to get high traffic to your website, you will need to get conversions and leads. This is what exactly you’ll learn in these courses.

Registration is absolutely free and the courses are easy to learn suitable for both beginners to advanced level users.

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8.OHSC’s Social Media Marketing OHSC’s Social Media Marketing Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses


The use of social media platforms to engage audiences and drive traffic is called Social Media Marketing or SMM.

OHSC’s Social media marketing course comes with excellent tutor support and study aids necessary for this course.

It begins with generic social media topics and gradually proceeds to the specification of different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

In 20 hours’ duration, the course covers topics like:

  •         Marketing mix.
  •         Five P’s of social media.
  •         Development of a social media plan.
  •         Strategizing pricing, placement, and promotion.
  •         Expanding your digital presence.
  •         Utilization guidelines.
  •         Building your community.

Social Media Marketing and Influencer Marketing is something that every business is moving towards. These skills will boost your marketing resume. After course completion, you’ll be certified with their free course completion letter.

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9. Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Academy Best Free Digital Marketing Certification Courses

As analytics has been a key part of businesses since long and now naturally has become a key part of digital marketing businesses too. Web analytics is the analysis of measurement and collection and then reporting of web data for the purposes of better understanding and optimizing web usage.

Google Analytics is a highly used web analytics tools across the whole world. Google Analytics Academy teaches you how to effectively use this tool. And also educates about the notions of analytics.

Comprising different courses, the basic course starts with creating an account and setting goals for your business. And the final courses teach you all about its applications that you should know.

It covers the topic like-

  •         Fundamentals and importance of Google Analytics.
  •         Reading reports and setting-up dashboards.
  •         Data collection, processing, and configuration.
  •         Account and views’ customization.
  •         Advanced analysis techniques and tools.
  •         Remarketing.
  •         Understanding users.
  •         Attracting and engaging high-value traffic.
  •         Improving the product’s overall performance.

Analytics is a key part of every business regardless of the size of your operation, either it is a personal blog or a multi-national organization.  You’ll get a firm understanding of analytical concepts and finite usage of Google Analytics tools. You’ll understand people’s behavior and can grow your business accordingly.

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Are these Free Digital Marketing Courses enough for you?

Well, there is no end to learning. This article lists out the Best Free Digital Marketing Courses with certificates covering every major thing you should know about. But for better results, you have to take action by implementing the knowledge of these vast courses.

Once you hold a good command on them, you can go for paid courses, tools, webinars, blogs, internships, and so on. Even a large quantity of websites, blogs, and ebooks are available there absolutely free for you. You just have to choose the best one for you.

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Key Learnings

To become a successful digital marketing expert you need to acquire a range of digital marketing skills.

You can acquire those skills fast by following a digital marketing course. Then you can concentrate on building real-world experience by either working on your own blog/websites or getting a job in an established digital marketing agency.

You need to learn all these obvious factors and specifications, at least some.

  •         Search Engine Optimization
  •         Paid Search Advertising (Google Ads and Facebook)
  •         Email Marketing
  •         Web Analytics
  •         Content Marketing
  •         Conversion Optimization

If you were looking for such value-adding courses and are an action taker. Let us know in the comment section, what that particular course is and how you find it best for you. And if you’re a novice or beginner, let us know your precious opinion about these courses.


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