Best Freelance Websites to Work Online


Freelance websites are the platforms for both the employers and the employees to post their offers and requirements.

By freelancing you can turn your talent or hobby into money. You’re free to apply for any of the projects that you like or you think you’re good at.

There is no need to say that by using these websites you can set yourself to a solid start for your freelance career. The freelance website will assist you in finding your first clients easily and help you earning employers’ trust with its authenticity.

Also, you can constantly sharpen your skill by taking different projects from various employers and performing well in their accomplishments. At last, your portfolio will grow and there will be many more job offers for you.

So, here is a list of 12 Best Freelance Websites to Work Online. Let’s get through it and choose the best for you.


1.   Upwork

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

Actually, Upwork is the result of the merging of Elance and oDesk. Both of these freelance websites were considered to be the leaders in online freelancing. Upwork marked itself as the world’s biggest freelance talent marketplace.

On Upwork, if you’re a freelancer then you can create your profile outlining your skills and experiences, along with your job portfolios and histories. Here, clients post job listings with details of their projects and what they’re actually looking for in a freelancer.

Being a freelancer, you can submit proposals for projects that you’re interested in doing. So, the clients can review your profiles, proposals, and portfolios. That makes it easy for them to choose the one that best fits their needs, and place the project funding in escrow.

Thus, the Freelancers and clients collaborate through an online work station of this freelance website, typically with no off-platform communication.

2.   Fiverr

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

All jobs on Fiverr might cost you—$5, or in increments of $5. This freelance website is perfect for those who are just starting out and looking to build a quick portfolio fast.

It’s a bit different from other platforms as it allows clients and freelancers to post listings—so if a client has a job titled “Write one 1000-words article” while a freelancer’s version would notify it as “Will write one 1000-word article.”

Majorly, Fiverr focuses on micro-jobs, like writing, editing, and reviewing short articles or customizing a bit of WordPress code.

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3.   Guru

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

The freelance website, Guru first emerged in 2001 as a passion project only. The company is basically based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and it caters to U.S.-based freelancers the most.

The start-up is designed to attract a more expert base of freelancers and clientele, instead of mixing in a lot of cheap job listings.

4.   Freelancer

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

The name Freelancer depicts about it itself. Similarly as Upwork, here too you can make your freelancer profile and start bidding on jobs posted by the clients. boasts more than 30 million users yearly and the data got a rise in the recent pandemic. However, it might be difficult to find high-paying work there as it covers less paid work more.

But still, it’s a good choice for those who prefer to work remotely and keep themselves in touch with freelance marketplaces.

5.   PeoplePerHour

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

This freelance website, PeoplePerHour has over 2 million freelancers that are using their service. The most important thing is that every worker has a rating, which works as a great promotion.

The company is UK-based and offers you entirely remote listings that sound perfect if you prefer to work from home.

Its listings mostly emphasize on design and web development roles. Its other preferences include video editing, copywriting, social media, and online advertising.

Yes, the People Per Hour is absolutely free for freelancers. But the competition within it can be very challenging. You always need to improve and set a reasonable fee so you can get hired easily.


6.   Aquent

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

Aquent has won so many awards as one of the best freelance websites or firms. The website is best known and well established to deliver high-quality workers for creative, effective, digital, and marketing purposes.

However, Aquent states that it preferably accepts people with 2+ years of working experience. But fresh graduates are still welcomed to explore their all available jobs. If you’re a beginner and you doubt how much your skill is worth it. A salary guide is available there to help you set your price.

7.   Toptal

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

Toptal is basically short for top talent. It is a marketplace that is geared towards elite, eligible, experienced freelancers. Most of its freelancers are paid between $50 and $250 per hour. The vetting process for the freelancers is more involved, requires experience checks and an interview too.

Typically, the jobs posted on Toptal are geared toward finance and software development.

Its authenticity can be assumed as it acquired Skillbridge which is another online freelance marketplace.

8.   FlexJobs

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

This freelance website mainly focuses on flexible job opportunities. FlexJobs screens all the job postings before putting them on the site. This gives the guaranty for the jobs to be legitimate, which is, unfortunately, not always the case every other website. Large and reputable companies use FlexJobs to hire their remote talent.

It is superbly designed to save job seekers’ time. This freelance website can be a great choice for people who’re looking to make extra money, with non-traditional schedules.

9.   OnSite

OnSite is also one of the top freelance websites. But it’s unique from the other platforms because to become its member, you have to be invited. Seems like a networking appointment of employees.

Here freelancers need to provide their work samples and must have a complete and active profile to be approved from the community.

10.  iFreelance

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

iFreelance has adopted a different approach for connecting freelancers with their work is the membership model. Here the employers can post jobs for free, and then freelancers have to pay a monthly fee starting at $7 per month, depends on the various benefits. Only after the monthly fee, freelancers can keep 100 percent of their earnings to them.

This is an incredibly beneficial model for those freelancers who do a high volume of work. Because the fixed monthly fee seems to be lower than the percentage of earnings paid on any other sites.

If you’re only into an occasional job, this might not be the best choice for the cost-efficiency.

11.  Mechanical Turk

Best Freelance Websites to Work Online rest to best

Mechanical Turk is basically a foray into the online freelance marketplace by These freelance website functions are similar to Freelancer, Upwork, and many other freelance websites.

Mechanical Turk connects big businesses with the freelancers who need small jobs. And this is called human intelligence tasks (HITs) on the website.

12.  Craigslist

Craigslist is highly preferred by a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs who need to hire help for specific tasks or would prefer to find someone locally to accomplish the tasks. It is not what people traditionally think of considering a freelance website to work online.

Job searching on Craigslist is specifically targeted. Keywords are used in the search form to target the skills you own.


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Being a freelancer you have more flexibility to choose your next job with the freedom of when and where to do it.

Let us know your opinion about these freelance websites in the comment section. And we’d love to hear your true experiences with any of these websites if so.


  1. Hello Raksha,

    Nice blog you have here. This is really a good post for those who are looking for freelance opportunities. I have used Fiverr for some services offering last year and made thousands of dollars but due to some issues, that account disabled. I can say that if you have a great profile out there, you can earn a lot. Upwork is good too, and few are in the list, I never checked out, I will surely look into them, and share with people who really need such sites.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Hello Atish Ranjan Sir,

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your own freelance experiences. The information provided by you is really helpful for our readers.

      Raksha Kumawat

  2. Hello Raksha,

    Nice and informative post.

    Yes and true, I too believe Raksha, in today’s Tech Savvy world you can set yourself to a solid start to a freelance career and can turn your talent and hobby into money.Thanks Raksha for sharing all the various best Freelance websites to work online. I have heard about Freelancer but new to know about all the others you mentioned like- Upwork, Fiverr, Guru, PeoplePerHour and all.

    Thanks for sharing and making us aware about all these useful and best freelance websites to work online. After reading your post I must say this will definitely going to help many of us especially in the current scenario when the whole world is facing this pandemic Covid-19 and facing these lock down and all. Thanks again.


    • Hello Rijhu Sinha,

      Thanks for your valuable feedback and for sharing your own experience of freelancing. It’s definitely gonna help our readers to choose the best for them.

      Raksha Kumawat

  3. Such a detailed article. I discovered so many new freelancing platforms after going through this article. I was just aware of freelancer and fiverr before this. Thank you for the wonderful information. I will try to use these platforms and see if I can get some interesting projects.

  4. Hi Raksha,

    These definitely look like some classic freelance sites to me. Good job. Finding reputable sites helps you land not only super clients, but higher paying jobs, because credible sites attract trustworthy communities.



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