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Best Online Learning Apps

As most of the sectors are impacted because of the pandemic, the education sector is one of them. It still couldn’t return to the track as it requires a large social gathering. So, studying with Best Online Learning Apps is one, and the only option available for serious students.

Though, we already had these platforms but were unaware of its potential before. The idea was initiated to avail students of proper education resources like coaching institutes in remote areas.

Now, it has become the demand of time. In such tough times, when everything is just a click away, education apps have brought revolutionary changes. It’s not mandatory that best teachers can only be available in the classrooms.

What changes have these apps made in Learning?

Yet there can be no comparison for traditional learning supplements like textbooks, physical classes, and individual training. But the Best Online Learning Apps have eliminated major hurdles for you. You. Such as-

  •         You either had to buy books or check them out from your local library.
  •         Had to pay the institute fee and tuition fee differently.
  •         Or had to learn the hard way, through trials and errors.

What are the Best Online Learning Apps?

Let’s have a look at a few Best Online Learning Apps that make life a lot easier for students by providing the best virtual knowledge. They are-


Udemy is one of the Best Online Learning Apps that offers you a huge number of courses on everything from formal education to professional skill development courses.  Whatever you want to learn, you’re just a click away from the huge range of Udemy courses collection. It’ll teach you any subject from the beginning to perfection by an industry expert.

You can access all of your video courses and learning content on the go, both through your mobile and laptop.

The good news is – the app is free to download. And the super good news is- a few of the worthy courses are also free. But you need to pay for many of the specialized courses. Few of the courses are longer and therefore more expensive than the others.

Udemy is even hosting blowout sales on many of its offerings and allows you to buy a $100-plus course for as little as $10.



Goodreads is one of the best online learning apps based on a manual reading of books. Even in today’s digital world, nothing can replace the knowledge of books. Books are still one of the best ways to learn almost anything that you can think of.

As there are hundreds of different books on a particular topic out there. For instance, you can decide which books you should read to learn graphic design software such as Illustrator®, Adobe Photoshop®, or InDesign®?

Goodreads is basically the Facebook of books with over 40 million members. Holding a collection of fiction, non-fiction, self-help, technical, and many more, its mission is to provide the right book in the right hands, at the right time.

The app can probably point you toward the perfect book to help you out in learning whatever you want to learn. It even offers you reading reviews from other readers, and sharing good reads of your own too.

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Wikipedia can be termed as the sum of any kind of popular thing on the net today. There was a time when people actually had to carry multiple volumes of a bulky encyclopedia. But now, we have Wikipedia as a boon, covering almost no physical space.

It’s counted in the Best Online Learning Apps, because of the knowledge and huge information it contains.

Instead of carrying multiple bulky volumes of the encyclopedia, now you can easily access millions of articles at your fingertips, just in seconds.

Note: Students should be cautious. As anyone can edit articles in Wikipedia. Mostly, teachers do not prefer a reliable source of information to be blindly believed.



Youtube, the heart of the internet today. No doubt, it’s the Best Online Learning App as it contains highly impactive video content. Almost, there is no one who is unaware of this revolutionary app.

As youtube contains a vast variety of content, it’s only up to you to watch the right thing that really adds value to your learning. Youtube is basically a free app but you might be charged a bit for special courses or facilities over there.

Like Wikipedia, anyone can upload a video here too. So, be aware and choose the learning videos over other stuff wisely.



Similar to Udemy, the Lynda app too offers a huge variety of courses in a whole set of different subject areas like video production or software development. The Lynda mobile app provides you the freedom to learn on your own, wherever and whenever it’s most convenient for you.

Lynda offers you the vast library of courses on a monthly subscription basis. And allows you to take as many courses as you like each and every month.

And the best thing is if you’re not sure whether you want to make a monthly payment? Alternatively, you can go for Lynda’s no-risk, ten-day test drive absolutely for free.



Khan Academy is a free non-profit brainchild by Sal Khan and one of the Best Online Learning Apps available. Before launching this world-famous educational organization, Khan was an enthusiastic teacher, hedge fund analyst, and entrepreneur.

Something that’s unique about the Khan Academy app is that all its courses are offered 100% for free. Unlike Udemy and Lynda, it’s not offering in-app purchases.

Isn’t that amazing? You can access any of the Khan Academy’s professionally taught courses absolutely for free. Its major focus is on the “academic” subjects, such as science, math, economics, and the humanities. There are a few great courses in computer science, too.


Studyblue is founded with the aim to help students to clear tricky topics that they’re unable to do in the classes. Or we can say, it’s a tutor available online.

Studyblue is considered to be the best for the extra help cramming for your exam? It’s the Best Online Learning App if you want to access supplemental study materials created by students and experienced teachers in similar courses. What you just have to do is check out the StudyBlue app.

It is a crowd-sourced online learning app that is designed to help you conquer your course using notes, study guides, and flashcards



No doubt, Quora is one of the Best Online Learning apps that allows you to find answers by experts to any of your queries or questions.  Here you can browse content related to your subject of interest as well as post your own unique questions.

It also works best in networking too as you can even answer the questions that come under your expertise. Other users with experience in your field of interest can also respond to your questions and provide you the precise answers you are looking for. Thus, you can connect with people of common interest.



Lumosity is an app with a tremendous amount of interesting factors. For instance, if you want to build muscle, you need to go to the gym and lift weights. But, what if you wanna work out your brain?

Lumosity app offers you the solution by offering a range of brain-training games. These are designed by scientific experts and game developers in the guidance of professors. These brain exercises keenly focus on improving your mental faculties and help you out in learning new things, increase your retention, sharpen your focus, and also solve your problems faster and efficiently.

The app is absolutely free to download to your device. But, to enjoy the most out of the app, you need to subscribe to Lumosity’s monthly service.



If you are not good at some specific language and eager to learn it. Duolingo is one of the best online learning apps available to help you out with this. It’ll help you learn almost any foreign language.

Whether you desire to learn English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, or any other available languages from around the world. This mobile app is a brilliant way to get started.

Duolingo provides you a user-friendly, interactive, go-at-your-own-pace system that works well for both beginners and advanced speakers. By using Duolingo’s pictures, graphics, and phrases spoken by native speakers, you can efficiently upgrade your language skills faster than anything.



Tynker is basically an online learning app designed for kids but later upgraded for interactive activities for almost everyone from beginner to advanced in coding and computer programming.

Tynker’s self-paced and interest-based courses allow you to experiment with visual blocks in beginner levels, later advance to intermediate concepts, and then programming. Its lessons are designed to introduce languages like Python and Javascript.

Not being habitual of coding, you might hesitate to learn coding and web development. But this app is definitely to help you out with this. You can learn here about website building, app creation, and game designing.



Google Arts & Culture app is one of the best online learning apps for historical places, art and culture. It offers you to take free 360-degree virtual tours of several most famous museums, monuments, and historic landmarks in the whole world. It often provides you the option to zoom in close for keen details.

The app lets you learn about art, artists, history, and geography through its authentic information and stories. The best is – you can create your own galleries by saving or pinning your favorites. Later you can even share them with your friends too.

As English is the primary language but with its other options, you can translate exhibit information into your most understanding language. So you won’t miss a thing. If you’re an artist or passionate about any art, you must have it on your mobile.


13. TED

TED is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to the spread of inspirational and intriguing thoughts. Mainly its most liked content is video content which is usually 18 minutes or less.

These highly inspirational videos are termed as “TED Talks”. The TED Talks covers a diverse range of subjects, from art to science to global and social issues. The TED online learning app has a collection of the entire TED videos in a single library for your education, motivation, and enjoyment. The best thing is – all the content is free to view. Yes! You heard it right.

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14. EDX

EdX is one of the best online learning apps to access free online courses from a few of the top universities. It is not a kind of degree program or provides any certificate, but it’s a fun resource if you are interested in virtual classes of any subject.

There you can access over 2,000 courses in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business Management, Computer Science, humanities and many other kinds of subjects. Indirectly from the top universities like Harvard, MIT, Microsoft, UC Berkeley, the Smithsonian, and few more.

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  1. Hi Raksha,

    This a great list. I like YouTube more than others because we can learn almost everything without spending any money. Just have to spend our time, and we are good to go.

    Thanks for sharing the informative post.

    • Hello sir,

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the post. No doubt youtube has enough potential to provide thew quality content for absolutely free. But sometimes people get stuck to the less useful or unproductive stuff too. So, specification is the quality that other apps can eventually provide.

      Raksha Kumawat


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