Best Sites for Free Stock Videos

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Video is one of the most interesting and engaging ways to share your idea and thoughts with others. A well-placed video snippet can really bring life to your projects, whether they’re official presentations, websites, blogs, or your own home-made videos.

What are Free Stock Videos?

Sites for Stock videos are a great resource to get high-quality HD videos with almost no cost. You’re allowed to use them for creative projects, advertising, marketing, personal or commercial uses.

But finding the appropriate video clips for your need can be tricky. Usually, the stock video sites charge a heavy subscription fee for their best content. But the good news is – there are also few sites where you can download high quality/HD video clips absolutely free for both personal and commercial use, with no royalties or strings required.

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Note:- One thing to check before using any video footage – Clips marked as ‘Editorial use only’ can’t be used for commercial use, but those labeled as ‘All projects and media’ can be.

So, here’s the list of 15 Best Free Stock Video Sites that offer you the best combination of quality, flexible licensing, and a variety of clips.

1. Pixabay

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Pixabay shares over 1.2 million stock images and videos released under CCO or Creative Commons Zero License. To use these graphics you no need to give credit or get permission from the artist to use, edit, or modify them. You can either them for commercial purposes. But giving the credit to the owner is always preferred.

The site has an amazing collection of HD stock videos, whether you’re looking for a quick 12-second clip or some longer background video.

2. Pexels

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Pexels was started as a free photo site, but later upgraded and included a large library of free HD stock videos. Videos on Pexels have superb pixels quality to look great on any screen.

All their free stock videos come under the CC0 license. So you can easily modify and use these videos for personal or commercial purposes as per your requirement.

You no need to ask for permission or link back to its original source. Here you can easily search out the accurate video for your project by using the list of popular searches of in-demand stock videos.

3. Videvo

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Videvo provides free stock video footage as well as motion graphics created by their community of professional designers. The website has a huge collection of over 4000+ HD quality free to use video clips.

The video clips you download from Videvo are licensed under one of the two ways: either through the Creative Commons 3.0 license or the Videvo Standard License.

These free stock videos can be downloaded to use in any project, the only condition is that you can’t make the clips available for download on any other site.

Videos licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 are free to use in any project but you need to give the credit to the original creator. Information about licensing is available on the download page for each specific clip.

4. Life of Vids

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Life of Vids offers a wide range of free stock videos, loops, and clips. There is no copyright restriction on them but allows only 10 videos for the redistribution on other sites.

New free stock videos are added every week, and there is a beautiful collection of free stock images too. You can check out them as well.

5. Splitshire

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Splitshire is created to provide free stock videos and photos for personal and commercial use, by web designer Daniel Nanescu. As all these photos and videos are created by only one person makes them more unique and special from other stock sites.

Basically, the videos are drone captured footage of beautiful outdoor scenes. Splitshire lets you download them just by clicking on the title below every video.

The site allows you to use them on all your social media channels but restricts selling or using inappropriate content such as discrimination, violence, or racism.

6. Mixkit

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Mixkit is a free stock video website that is completely free. Absolutely no sign-up is required, no attribution required and no watermarks are applied. All their high-resolution free stock videos or free HD videos are available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

You’re free to choose videos in a wide range of categories and styles that includes business, travel, performing arts, tech, fashion, and many more to say. If you wonder and it’s hardly believable, you can read their license conditions and terms and conditions here to ensure yourself.

7. Distill

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Distil is a huge collection of carefully curated stock video footage, made for you by creative designers.

What you just have to do is to submit your email address, and you’ll receive 10 free stock videos in your inbox every 10 days.

The best thing is that the clips are handpicked by a team of creative professionals, you can be ensured to get outstanding video footage for social media.

8. Dareful

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Dareful offers you a range of free stock videos that you can use on your social networks. A new video is added every day by boosting the availability of more specific videos.

Here you need to sign up to get access to their entire collection of professional free stock videos. All these videos come under the royalty-free license that means you can use those clips without any fees.

The videos on this site are organized in categories to make it easy for you to find a clip that perfectly suits your brand. Its major categories are international locations, nature and animals, construction and energy, mansions and wealth, and many more.

9. Videezy

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Videezy too offers a huge collection of royalty-free video clips for personal and commercial use. Crediting is highly appreciated when you use footage from Otherwise, you can even buy the credits that allow you to use footage without any attribution.

Videezy has a wide variety of high-resolution video clips to choose from, in both 4K and HD resolution.

10. Storyblocks

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Storyblocks specifically provides a huge collection of time-lapse videos, aerial footage, and standard B-roll clips of various environmental conditions and situations.

To download videos, you do have to become its member but you can upload only 5 files during your 7-day free trial. The search fields work best to get your results and find the perfect video clip for your project.

11. Coverr

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Coverr offers beautiful free stock videos that are ideal for pleasant-looking video backgrounds for websites. You’ve permission to use these videos for commercial purposes even without permission or attributing the creator or site.

The best part of the site is – Its live preview option because that allows you to see how the video will actually look like. The videos further categorized into broad categories like Animals, Urban, Artsy, Nature, etc.

12. Vidsplay

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

New videos are added every week to the Vidsplay collection which makes it one of the best resources for keeping your social video content always fresh. And thankfully it lets you download and use any of the videos without paying royalties.

For downloading the free video clip, you just need to right-click on the download link and then choose “Save Link As.”

13. Clipstill

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Clipstill is basically a dedicated cinemagraphic website or we can say – still photos that contain a small repeated animation that keeps playing on a loop. As there’s only a small selection of cinemagraphs available for free, you need to subscribe to access more premium videos on the site And, all the videos are high quality and change every month.

Clipstill’s cinemagraphs can be downloaded as small video files that often suits best on websites. Providing the credit is not necessary but a link back is appreciated.

You can use cinemagraph videos in your own projects but not to make a commercial product as the main attraction, such as a website template or greetings card.

14. Mazwai

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

Mazwai has an extremely unique collection of free stock videos. Each video has an exotic shot composition, and carefully sourced and credited to a professional cinematographer. They’re mainly the footage of nature, wildlife, or landscape that you might be looking for.

Mazwai’s videos come under the Creative Commons 3.0 License which means you need to credit the author.

15. Vidlery

Best Sites for Free Stock Videos Rest to best

You should definitely check out Vidlery if you are looking for simple animated videos to make simple explainer videos or to use as a background on your website.

Vidlery has a limited but beautiful collection of cute animated videos. They are categorized with specific tags like space-station, meeting, golfer, and many more.

These videos are under the CC0 1.0 Universal license which means the creator has waived all of their rights to the work worldwide. No permission or attribution needed.


As the accurate video brings life to your project, these 15 Best Free Stock Video Sites are definitely gonna add value to your viewer’s engagement. I’m sure you might be interested in knowing the Best Sites for Copyright Free Images, visit the post and fulfill all the requirements of your project to stand out.

If there’re any doubts, queries, or questions, please ask in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share your experiences and suggestions, would love to listen from you.

Hope you find the post useful, please feel free to share with your community and the people who need it.


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