Geniuses are not Born but the Result of Hard Work

Geniuses are not Born but the Result of Hard Work anything can be achieved by Hard work, consistency, perseverance and self-confidence elbert einstein thomas edison achievers successful person innovators
Geniuses are not Born but the Result of Hard Work

The phrase “born genius” is often misused. Although genes definitely play a vital role in intelligence as there are many great examples of god gifted intelligence but not all. Still genius is the result of a tremendous amount of work and practice.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”.

IQ can be changed and improved with consistent efforts. Many of the greatest scientists and artists have demonstrated brilliance only after going through thousands of hours of practice, failure, and study.

They control their own lives, instead of waiting for someone else to open up the doors. Thus, it can be said, greatness is certainly, completely, utterly, made.

The only thing that matters is the consistent practice we put into our work.

Often certainly we label intellectual brilliance and creative antiques as a genius, nothing is wrong in it. But we shouldn’t forget that those things arise from talent or inborn giftedness in oneself.

Hard work, consistency, perseverance and self-confidence are the keys to become a “genius”.

According to the many types of research, talent is indeed responsible for some extraordinary results, most accomplishments, and miracles. But generally, results are the combination of consistent practice, habit, and a proper mindset.

There are three key factors playing a role in Geniuses.

The Heritability of IQ

The science has also accepted that intelligence is an inherited trait that is passed down through the generation-to-generation. The proportion to which the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is dependent on your genetic background has been highly researched.

Many of the traits are primarily genetic or inherited. For example, the eye color of a person and adult height. Whereas other traits have low heritability, means that they are eventually influenced by the environment and surrounding – such as depression and anger.

Science believes that the relevant genes get affected by an individual’s predisposition to learn, build and developmental abilities throughout their life.

The Social Development of IQ

In spite of the huge role that genetic plays in determining Intelligence Quotient, social and environmental factors can also influence it. Scientists have found that not only genes and formal education, but the early family environment also play an important role.

Certain studies have linked specific activities that have improved mental functioning.

Let’s have an example, scientists have researched, musical training can lead to the development of higher brain functions and mathematical ability.

Keeping up the Challenge

Many types of research have found that the human mind has a great capacity to change. It means that human brains are strongly influenced by environmental conditions.

In fact, studies have shown that stimulating environments increase brain thickness, the number of neurons in the brain, and the number of connections between these neurons.

The brain is stimulated continuously throughout life, even after adulthood. And promotes the range of interest and skills which are aesthetic, mental, social, physical, and emotional.

The Reality of Assumptions

Professors have examined the lives of hundreds of geniuses and have also attempted to resolve some of the myths. Let’s have an example of Charles Darwin, who is falsely a random young man who unaccountably turned into a genius. In fact, he was one of the best prepared young scientists of his generation who have worked a lot on their intellect.

The second example is Albert Einstein, who is often said to be a loser at school but it is false. But he, like other people, was less fascinated by some particular subjects. He did well in the subjects of his own intrusts as he came from a family with strong scientific interests.

Similarly, the Bronte Sisters did not begin to write novels suddenly, but they learned and persistently perfected their skills over many years.


Experts believe geniuses is a remarkable quality but neither miraculous nor magical. Many thinkers, experts, scientists say that “Nobody is born a genius,” but it is the result of hard work, consistency, perseverance, and self-confidence.

It has been found that throughout the whole history, people with extraordinary achievements and miracles, have shared a common temperament instead of special mental powers.

These people are highly socialized people with the highest levels of firm determination and stubbornness to succeed. They work hard on their inborn talent to make it a miraculous genius. As they have much in common that everyone else has as an intellect.”

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