Health Benefits of Burpees and How to Do Them Effectively

Health Benefits of Burpees and How to Do Them Effectively rest to best

The exercise is named after its developer Royal Burpee. He used this move to evaluate fitness at Columbia University back in the 1930s. Burpee is a total body movement that drives up your heart rate. It has plenty of health benefits like mobility, body awareness, high-calorie burn, and cardiovascular endurance. Stay tuned to know Health Benefits of Burpees and How to Do Them Effectively.

It’s a renowned brutal bodyweight exercise that abruptly burns fat as fast as it builds muscle, none of that tallies with how you would feel after performing one burpee.

But never let it deter you. Do a second burpee, and then the third one. Keep doing and after 30 seconds you’ll wonder how it’s possible for so many muscles to be aching simultaneously and your lungs to be burning at the same time.

The good news is that all the efforts you put are worth it. The burpee works on your back, core, arms, chest, glutes, and legs.

Burpees also spike up your heart rate as much as sprinting for a train does. And all its benefits come without the use of any kind of equipment, so you can do the burpee at anywhere and anytime.

So, here is what you should know about the Health Benefits of Burpees and How to Do Them Effectively into your workout.

Benefits of Burpees

It’s crucial to explain the virtues of burpees before you know how to do it. Because once you’ve set out to start, you’ll need some convincing motivation to put yourself through that again.

Burns calories: Most of the people can easily do about 20 burpees in a minute. On its basis, the table below shows the data of how many calories you can burn by doing burpees nonstop for a single minute.

Weight:                       Calories burned
125-pound person:     10
155-pound person:     12.5
185-pound person:     15

The classic burpee is all about a four-point move. In a standing position, you drop into a squat with your hands on the ground exactly in front of your feet. Then just kick your feet back behind you by keeping your arms extended, so you’ll be in a raised plank position.

In basic burpee, you remain in the raised plank position and jump your feet towards your hands. Then just round off the maneuver by leaping into the air with arms straight above you. Then repeat it all with a minute interval.

Burpee Form Tips

If there’s the potential in you but you reduce the amount you can do and make the burpee harder, which means you’re wasting your energy and reducing the exercise’s effectiveness.”

Follow this five-point guide to perfectly do the burpee and reap the worthwhile results.

1.    Mobilize

The burpee might put a lot of stress through your knees, ankles, and wrists. So, make sure you’re thoroughly warmed up and you’ve done little mobility work that includes press-ups, squats, and lunges to loosen up your joints.

2.       Break it up

The burpee is a complex exercise, so to start with it, split the move into two parts: a deep squat jump and a squat thrust. Make sure you’re comfortable with both phases of the exercise before combining them.

3.    Squat thrust

Doing the squat thrust be sure your shoulders are just over your hands, and your legs are extended into the press-up position. While jumping your feet in and out, maintain your shoulders above your hands – don’t move them backward or forwards.

4.    Deep squat jump

Doing the deep squat be sure your hips are sitting back and try to force your chest as upright as possible. Explode up and make sure you cushion your landing by bending the knees as soon as you make contact with the floor.

5.    Get some air time

Once you’ve done and become habitual, you can happily perform both together. When you transition from the squat thrust to the squat jump, swing the arms forwards and above your head for the maximum height.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

1.    Skipping steps

As you begin to tire after exercising for a longer, it’s a common impulse of willing to skip certain steps to make the burpee easier for you. But doing this– you’re only cheating yourself. Apply the correct level of intensity in burpees all the time ensuring you reap all the muscle-boosting, heart-healthy benefits. If you begin to falter, rest for a while then start again.

2.    Contract your core

The plank stage of the burpee is crucial to ensure your abdominal gets sufficient stimulation. Ensure your shoulders are in parallel to your wrists, maintain your core contracted and engaged, and your back straight aligned with your glutes.

People often make the mistake of arching their back, risking the positive effects the burpee has on the abs.

3.    Reps for days

Doing more reps for the sake of it won’t directly correspond to a successful workout. Focus straight on nailing the correct technique, and it will help you to progress more smoothly.

Three helpful Burpee Workouts

Burpees are often incorporated into circuit training, used to warm up the body before other exercises or done over and over again as your entire workout.

1.    100 burpee challenge

The 100 burpee challenge is not only a warm-up, it’s a whole workout, doing 100 as quickly as you can. The first 15 burpees shouldn’t take much more than one minute, but the rest can take a lot longer.

The full 100 burpee under ten minutes is pretty darn impressive. If you’re not close to this, try this format to pace up yourself that adds up to 15 minutes of rest.

First do one then rest for 10 seconds, then do two and rest for 20 and continuous up to 10, then back down. That’s 100.

2.    The burpee ladder

The burpee ladder is one other way to build a workout around exercises. You just need to start with ten burpees, have a quick rest then do nine, eight, seven, and so on.

If you’ve enough energy, do burpees along with sit-ups and press-ups on every rung. It might feel weird to view sit-ups as a welcome break.

3.    Max out

This super dynamic workout builds up your tolerance to the lactic acid inevitably flooding your legs. It also helps to increase your anaerobic performance for fitness with a large scoop of fat-burning benefits.

First of all, find out your max. set by doing as many burpees as you can do before having to stop. Slightly reduce that number, and perform the three sets with a rest of 30-second between them.

For example, if you set for 20 then rest for 30 seconds, then again do 15 for your working set, rest another 30 seconds, repeat it further two times. Now breathe, hard.

But if you’re a GYM freak and want your muscles to get stiffer sooner. Or if you’re unable to manage time for going GYM then check out this post on The 7 Best Gym equipment for homeThese pieces of equipment not only make you fit but save your time too.

Best Burpee Variations

1.    Chest-to-floor burpee

This tougher variation of the burpee is as common as the standard burpee is, so there’s no need to be surprised if it’s what’s expected from you in an exercise class that involves burpees.

It’s very similar to the standard move except reaching the raised plank position, you perform an easy press-up, lowering your chest to the floor before you jump back up.

2.    Burpee tuck jump

It can be annoyingly easy to combine other exercises with burpee to create a Frankenstein’s monster of a move, as this nasty variation depicts. Perform a burpee very normally, but while leaping into the air afterward, raise your knees to the chest.

This will increase your cardio benefits of the exercise and also ensures you that you aren’t half-arsing your jumps.

3.    Dumbbell burpee

The surest trick to make any exercise trickier is to add some weight to it. You can do this with the burpee by holding a dumbbell in each of your hands. Prefer hexagonal rather than circular dumbbells for this, because you need to support your body weight on them with a stable base.

Just perform your burpee normally, holding the weights at all times – and you can add a renegade row if you want to make this move even tougher.

4.    Single-leg burpee

If you want a straightforward way to increase the difficulty of burpees without adding any equipment or extra movements, just try doing it on one leg. This will ramp up your core control that is required to avoid toppling over to one side. It’ll even beef up the benefits to the leg muscles that are working to compensate for the lack of support from another leg.

You can alternatively use the leg, which is grounded, or complete all your reps on one side before swapping. You can either try this with the chest-to-floor burpee for an extensive tough variation.

5.    Burpee pull-up

Burpees and pull-ups both claim to be the single best bodyweight exercise you can ever do. So combining them together into a super-move creates something very special. Perform your burpee as normal press-up, then as you jump up, just grab the pull-up bar with an overhand grip and try to haul yourself up until your chin is in level with the bar.

Lower it until your arms are fully extended, then let it go and continue into the next rep. The pull-up is also a brilliant back, arm, and shoulder exercise that complements the cardio strength benefits of the burpee perfectly. This variation can be brutal, but well worth the pain.


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    Yes definitely Burpees are one of the most effective exercise if done properly and regularly. There are number of benefits of doing Burpees especially for those who want to lose their weight fast. More importantly Burpees can be done anywhere and anytime.

    All the various tips and the variations you shared are very informative and effective. To avail the health benefits of Burpees it must be done properly and regularly. Keep writing more similar and informative articles.


  2. Raksha, definitely good to know buddy. I do burpees sometimes but you need to be tight on form; if not, you never get the full effect of the movement. Plus injury risk increases if you do not get the form correct.



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