1. Hello Raksha,

    Very useful and informative article.

    Yes Raksha, Every one cannot afford a professional graphic designer especially those who are new in this field and neither we can ignore the importance of graphics. Thanks a lot for sharing these tools with us as these are definitely going to help many of us.

    All the graphic tools you discussed are very useful and important for graphic designing but I am a newbie and for my blog posts and logo I am using Canva for designing my graphics. I will try all other graphic tools too for my next blogs and graphics. Keep sharing more useful and similar posts.


  2. Hi,
    Currently the graphical media having higher reach on the internet. Also, the Google image search feature introduced by taking this in mind. Another notable growth of image search engines like Pinterest. They changed the entire search ecosystem with images.
    So my point is, the tools like Canva, Visual.ly have more importance in this regard.

    Anyway, your listing are more useful. We are currently using canva and offline tools like photoshop, illustrator.



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