Top 11 Websites to Learn Web Development

Top 11 Websites to Learn Web Development rest to best images
Top 11 Websites to Learn Web Development

If you wanna learn web development and looking for online courses. As there are so many such websites, it gets tough to pin out the best for you. Thus, we’ve listed out the Top 11 Websites to Learn Web Development to help you out with this.

These websites will provide you the best online courses on web development with enough content or quality modules to enhance your web development skills.


Top 11 Websites to Learn Web Development

To enhance your technical skills and to learn web development online, you should go through these Top 11 Websites to Learn Web Development.

1. FreeCodeCamp (Free)

FreeCodeCamp is probably one of the best websites to learn web development for free. Its main objective is to cover every topic that you need to learn, like HTML, Javascript (Jquery, React), and CSS(Bootstrap, Sass, Flexbox, and Grid).

You’ll get to learn everything about responsive web designs. FreeCodeCamp website offers you hundreds of assignments, projects, and exercises to test your knowledge.


2. Udemy (Paid)

Udemy is an online learning platform covering almost every topic that you can think of. It has over 80,000 courses designed to teach you to code. Though most of the courses are paid, but a few of them are free too. But still, it gives you the advantage that most of the time courses are heavily discounted.

You just need to go to the Udemy website and choose the right course for you. As soon as you enter your requirements and you’ll find a suitable instructor who’s ready to teach you.

Colt Steel’s Web Developer Bootcamp course is highly recommended for coding. However, there are lots of courses, you’re free to choose the best one for you. But make sure it covers all the fundamentals you need to master in web development.

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3. Treehouse (Paid)

Treehouse is a highly popular online learning platform to learn web development. It consists of over 1000 quality videos that cover all topics like web design, web development, tech, and entrepreneurship.

The website allows you to learn at your own pace, to plan your learning sessions. It even lets you choose different coding languages for all 3 levels – from beginner to advanced.

Treehouse is one of the best resources available on the internet to learn web development. But it’s a bit more costly than others, it is about 200$/Month.


4. Coursera (Free)

Coursera is also a popular online learning platform like Udemy. Here, all the courses are free, except for the graded assignments. Its free availability makes it a more desiring website than udemy.

The platform was founded by Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng. The website collaborates with the top educational institutions in the whole world that are providing more than 1000 courses to Coursera.

The tutors in the Coursera are the top instructors from the most prestigious schools and colleges around the world. It’s more convenient that you can access your courses wherever and whenever.

The best part is – you’ll get an electronic certificate just after completing a course. Coursera is highly recommended by professionals.


5. Codecademy (Free and Paid Version)

Codeacademy is one of the best and popular coding websites on the internet today. More than 45 million users have been taught to code. However, it’s a paid one still it has many free courses too.

If determined to learn web development, you can find here many courses covering the 3 most important topics like – HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Codecademy provides you a pro version giving you access to a full Web Development Course by covering everything you need to learn. Only with the pro version, you can have access to many coding projects and exercises.

Though most of the free version is restricted. In case you can’t buy the pro version, you can prefer free resources suggested on this list with huge free value.


6. W3Schools (Free)

W3Schools is a website very similar to FreeCodeCamp, where you can learn everything about web development and programming. You can learn here the same three core technologies of the web. Those are – HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

In addition to them, you can even learn Bootstrap, Sass, and React. W3School consists of hundreds of exercises that cover various topics to test your comprehension of the language you’ve chosen.


7. Pluralsight (Free)

The website, Pluralsight offers you a unique online resource for sharpening your coding skills to learn web development.

And the unique feature about Pluralsight is that it offers you to take a Pluralsight IQ assessment. This factor is most crucial for identifying gaps in your knowledge so that you might concentrate on learning only specific skills you actually need.

You can either choose learning paths to help you in guiding your learning experience. But the website contains stand-alone courses as well.

The good thing is that – it allows you to test it out with a free trial. Later you can go for a personal membership that starts at $35 per month.


8. HTMLDog (Free)

The name itself explains that HTMLDog is a website designed to learn web development. It covers the 3 primary languages of web development. Those are – Javascript, HTML, and CSS.

You’ll be taught these languages with 3 different levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The complete information on the website is available in a very easy to read and understandable format. No doubt, it’s a great website to understand the core concepts of each of the 3 languages, mandatory to learn web development.


9. MDN Web Docs (free)

MDN Web Docs is one of the most valuable online resources available to learn web development. It’s created by an open community of developers and updated regularly by the employees of Apple, Google, Mozilla, & Microsoft.

Here you can easily search for web development courses that you’re looking for and can find practical explanations from credible professionals. The website even includes entire lessons to learn web development.


10. Traversy Media (Free)

Traversy media is basically a youtube channel created for web development by Brad Traversy. The channel covers almost every topic regarding web development, from CSS, HTML, and Javascript to every kind of framework and libraries like – Sass, Angular, React Bootstrap, and Vue Js.

There he makes amazing tutorials showing you how to create your web page and build a website. Most of his videos are highly knowledge giving. You can either take his web development course on Udemy/Coursera or if you are learning on FreeCodeCamp/W3Schools apps.


11. The Odin Project (Free)

The Odin Project is a great place to Learn Web Development to jumpstart your career with a full-stack curriculum approach. This Odin curriculum is a collection of online tutorials, courses, and blogs.

For instance, there is a web development course consisting of specific lessons that start from the basics and end with building a practical web application by you. Thus, you can have tremendous opportunities to build your own portfolio-worthy projects alongside a community of professional developers.


Final Thoughts

When it comes to starting a career in web development or anything that is out of your experiences, getting started is the hardest part. But once you do, the way forward starts getting clearer.

The same is applied here too, after determining to learn, you might surprise at how much you can learn with the online resources available. To master your skills toward your new career, you just need to get started.

Hopefully, this article Top 11 Websites to Learn Web Development might help you to choose the best for you. Choose wisely, web developing resources can definitely help you along the way, as it’s the demand of the time.

Feel free to ask your queries and share some of your favorite online websites in the comments below.

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