What is Google People Card and How to Create it?

google people card rest to best

Google has recently announced a new cool feature that allows you to build an online presence and discover others on the Search. It’s called Google People Card.

This incredible feature allows you to create a virtual visiting card on Search, highlight your social profiles or website. Here you can add information about yourself that you would like others to know.

The People Card feature is aimed to help – individuals, entrepreneurs, influencers, employees, self-employed people, and especially the freelancers who want to be discovered globally by the community. It helps the world find them easily.

However, this feature can be used by anyone to expand their current prospects.

Create your own ‘People Card’ on Google Search

You can easily create your own People Card on Google Search. For that, you just need to submit a Card with your accurate information. Then you’ll be easily discoverable by people who want to know about you and your profession on the Google Search results.

Google never guarantees that your card will definitely show up on Google Search. The more relevant info you provide in your card, the more will be the chance to show up in Google Search results.-


What do you need for People Card?

As the feature is available in India only for the users who have their set language to English. Still, it’s a mobile feature and isn’t available yet on desktop. To create your own People Card, you just need –

  1. An Android mobile or tablet, or an iPhone or iPad
  2. Google browser or the Google Search app
  3. A personal Google Account
  4. Keep the Web & App Activity turned on


How to Create Your Own People Card?

  1. Use your mobile device and go to google.com, or open the Google Search app.
  2. Search for yourself or search add me to google or edit my people card.What is Google People Card and How to Create it? rest to best
  3. You’ll find an option at the top of search results, to add yourself to Google Search.
  4. Tap Get started.
  5. Fill out the accurate information that you want to share publicly on your People Card. The required fields are:
  • Summary
  • Profession

What is Google People Card and How to Create it? rest to best

  1. At the bottom, tap Preview for a revision.
  2. If you’re satisfied with your public card details, just tap Submit/Save.

What is Google People Card and How to Create it? rest to best

8. It might take up to a few hours to show up your people card in Google Search results.

What is Google People Card and How to Create it? rest to best

Note: If your name is similar to someone famous, you might need to add a distinguishable term to your name profile. This term will be helpful for others in their search query.

For example, Chris Lucas changed to “Chris Lucas food Blogger” or “Chris Lucas tutor.”


Follow these guidelines for your People Card

People Card helps people to find and distinguish you from others when they search your name on Google-

  • Include information about only yourself.
  • If you submit irrelevant content that isn’t about who you actually are and what you actually do. Google will remove your People Card. To know more about possible violations, check out the User Content Policy.
  • Create your card including suggestions for fields such as – hometown or profession: If none of the suggestions fits, you can even add your own free-text.
  • Always keep your information up to date: Google might stop showing your card if it’s not been updated or verified for a long time.

If Google identifies content that violates their terms and conditions, it may ask you to change it. A message will appear on your card with the steps on – appeal the decision or how to change the content or.


What content you should use on your People Card?

The content on your People Card:

  • Should be the true representation of who exactly you are and what you do.
  • You must use the name that others would enter to search for you.
  • Your profile picture needs to be a recognizable image of you.
  • You must not pretend or attempt any way to confuse or mislead people.
  • Should not contain any solicitation or advertisement.
  • Try to avoid subjective terms like – best, only, and cheapest.
  • Must not contain any derogatory, negative, or comparative statements about any individuals, groups, issues, or events.
  • Should not incite, promote, or support hate, violence, or disrespect.
  • Must not contain vulgar, profane, or inappropriate language.
  • Should respect the rights others, including the intellectual property and privacy rights of people.
  • Must not upload any images or text that you have not the right to use.


How secure is the People Card?

For the surety and reliability of people for helpful information, Google has put together several controls and protections. A lot of safeguard mechanisms are also added to protect against offensive content.

Even there is a feedback button that helps users to identify and report low-quality information or a card created by an impersonator.

The card will be available for the people looking to find someone on Search with one’s name. A module will appear with the user name, profession, and location to see their card.

People who have the same name, the search results will show multiple modules. As the unique information is helping users to distinguish between different individuals to find accurate information.


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