Why Failure is Good for success?

Why Failure is Good for success? Rest to best

 Why Failure is Good for Success?

We have assumed failure to be an extremely negative word that it seems difficult to admit that it can be a good thing. Even you might not be aware of the fact how many times failure has held you back accepting and experimenting with new opportunities that might have changed your life. Just because you feared you might fail! That’s why you must be aware of the fact – Why Failure is Good for Success?

Failure Is Not The End But A New Beginning.

No doubt you have made several mistakes in life and kicked yourself over them. Those failures might include failure in exams, disqualification in job interviews and competitions, loss in business, finance and money, unsuccessful relationships, and more to say. But life goes on as it should.

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Why Failure is Important?

Though failure hurts but it is an important part of life. The road to success goes through failing with purpose. Use failure and mistakes as an opportunity to review, reflect, and rise again. In fact, it’s a great teacher that chisels away all the excess, stripping down egos by molding and shaping us through divine intentions.

No great success is ever achieved without failures. It can be one epic failure or a series of failures. From a serious downfall of an established business to Thomas Edison’s 10,000 attempts to invent the light bulb or James Dyson’s 5,126 attempts to invent a bagless vacuum cleaner.

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” – Thomas A. Edison


So, let’s understand Why Failure is good for success.

1.   Failure Means You Have Courage

Even if you didn’t get the results you expected, but at least you have tried your best. So many people let their fear of failure prevent them from stepping a step forward and subsequently achieving their dreams.

So don’t be disappointed with a small failure – the most satisfactory thing is – at least you had the courage to have a go. You are already miles ahead of the people who are just planning or thinking to start.

What makes you courageous is not fearlessness but taking an action overcoming every fear. When you have a go, there is a possibility of failure with an increased possibility of success. All that is required is courage.


2.   Failure Makes You Stronger

When you worked hard and don’t get the result you wanted, the hunger for success rises and you become more determined to achieve it. You might feel discouraged, frustrated, or upset at first but these feelings don’t last forever.

You just need to get a burst of the strength of purpose and determination to try again. Review, re-plan, and re-execute your mission to achieve your goals. The failure makes you more determined and focused on the next but successful attempt.

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3.   Failure Helps You Learn

Thomas Edison once said that he didn’t fail thousands of times to create the light bulb. When his statement was questioned, he replied gracefully – he had just found thousands of ways that didn’t work. Now he can let the world know about those unsuccessful attempts by guiding with a great idea.

This is what we can say – Geniuses are not born but the result of hard work and determination.  If you fail by the first attempt doesn’t mean to be the last but a step towards success. Failure is simply an opportunity to try a different method and start again.


4.   Failure Creates New Opportunities

It is believed that everything happens for a reason, we’re just unaware of that at the time we fail. Failures often bring you the unforeseen opportunities that you would not find without the failure.

You need to close the door of narrowness so that another door of new opportunities and beginnings can be opened for you.

For example – You might be disqualified in the interview for just a post of manager in a small company but a golden opportunity for the post of CEO of an MNC might be waiting for you. Surely, you could not get that golden opportunity if you would be selected for the first one.


5.   Failure Helps You Grow

When the cause of your failure is a lack of appropriate efforts, you need to explore yourself even more to find your real strength to try again. You have to extend yourself to extract out the hurdles that were stopping you to get the results you desired for.

You have to stretch yourself even more and move outside your comfort zone. Definitely, after experiencing failure, you won’t be the same as you were before you tried. You would never know how far you can go until you try and fail.


6.   Failure Provides Answers

If you don’t try and fail, you would never know whether your idea or method is going to work or not. You might spend time worrying and thinking again and again that you don’t have the answer whether it would work or not.

But once you try, there are only two possibilities – either you win or you fail. Every failure eliminates the wrong method of trying. Thus, you get closer to success. Because the regret of not trying is far worse than the pain of failure.

When you fail, you can start again; with regret, you will never know the right path.

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7.   Failure Gives You The Best Chance Of Success

With persevere and eagerness to learn a new skill, you’re a step ahead of someone who gets it the right the first time. Being failed you get to learn many ways how not to do it, you get the edge over the person with no experience.

Maters have failed more often than the beginners have ever tried.

The path to success is not uniform – it’s full of ups and downs, so many failures and learnings. There’s always something to learn – new ways to grow, different perspectives to see the new opportunities waiting in disguise.

If you never fail, means you haven’t tried and will never succeed.

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Final Thoughts

Failure isn’t the end of the mission but a part of a learning process that offers you great knowledge and experience.

If you quit, you will consider that small stoppage to be a failure but won’t know what it is to succeed.

You just need to believe in yourself and have faith in your own abilities. Be stiff and strive for your goals, plan your mission, visualize the end result, and then go for it.


If you’re here to read this article, I’m sure, you too have failed at something or at some point in your life. Our readers would love to know what have you learned from it? If you don’t mind sharing, please let’s know your failure story and how you overcome it. 



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