Work from Home: Be Productive

Work from Home: Be ProductivE quarantine corona virus curfew corona free stay at home sinking economy in crises
Work from Home: Be Productive

If you want to Work from Home: Be Productive. There must be a question in your head, should you work from home or work from the office?  The answer comes down to what environment you’re in, along with what industry you’re in.

As the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak from an epidemic to a pandemic, almost every business is now forced to contend by managing a completely remote workforce. Whereas doctors, nurses, police, army, pilots, sweepers, and many more service providers are on their duty with even greater efforts.

It’s a great favour for the companies, employees, humanity and the environment.

According to the reports that telecommuting employees are actually more productive when they work from home.

But no doubt working from home creates its own challenges and mess to employees – from both mental and physical health to work and professional obstacles.

Here are 16 effective tips that’ll help you feel more productive when you telecommute and keeping your mind and body healthy.

1. Establish a Routine

The best part of work from home is being able to establish your own schedule. It feels very soothing that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want.

Yeah, for some, working from home is like a dream. But sometimes it might feel like a nightmare! Without having a command on us, sometimes we find ourselves stuck in some unproductive work. Later, this leads to procrastination.

  • By having a routine, you can schedule things like meetings, calls, and breaks, and can estimate the time they will take.
  • Eat meals at the same time every day as you are in office. Start and stop work at the same time.

2. Batch Your Work

When you create a schedule, batching your work may help you get done more in less time.

According to the studies, multitasking actually makes us less productive and stuck. Batching your work can definitely help you out multitasking.

Create a content calendar for the quarter and write every single article or email that you plan to post in the upcoming days.

3. Get Dressed in the Morning

Get Dressed for work
 rest to best
  Work from home:be productive
“Dress for success”.

Getting ready and dressed in the morning creates a more responsive environment like an office. Sure, it might be easy to just roll out of bed and start working but you can’t take it longer.

4. Separate ‘Work’ Space

Seprate work space
 Work from home: be productive rest to best
Seprate work space

The best part of working from home is that it’s so convenient to work pretty much from anywhere.

It might sound funny but literally you are aware that you can work in the kitchen, garden, on the terrace, at stairs and many more corners of the home. But believe me, the most productive place is your designated working space.

It’s helpful to shift your mindset in your office as well as at home. walk into the Create a workspace in a room with your lappy, documents, desk, monitors, and other supplies.

5. Designate Calls and Tasks

desginate calls and tasks
 work from home:be productive 
rest to best 
Calls at work

If you designate your calls and meetings, it’ll prevent you from creating a mess in your work schedule. Set a mindset for the type of conversations and work that need to be done by prioritizing. You can easily batch your work by scheduling specific days for meetings and calls.

Otherwise, you’ll end up coming back to curse you when calls get rescheduled or canceled. You would always wish you’d started the task anyway.

6. Try to Track Every Hour

Time trcking apps 
Track your time 
work from home: be productive 
rest to best 
Time trcking apps

Tracking everything else you do in a day forces you to truly pay attention to how you spend your precious time. It becomes almost mandatory if you work on a contract basis or freelance, you need to track hours for client work.

Many times you find out yourself losing precious productivity during the worktime by getting indulge in web browsing, social media or chatting.

By working on time track you can save time to workout, spend more time with family or cook intrusting meals. Set timers for yourself in your phone with apps and extensions that may help you stay on track.

7. Take a music break

Take music breaks
 listen musin while working
 work from home: be productive 
rest to best
Music breaks

However, it might not possible when you are working continuously in the office but at home. Music lowers your stress in the work and helps you focus or just make you feel good while working on an easy task.

You should play the music that is encouraging and soothing, and help you stay focused.

You can try some like:

  • Save the World – Swedish House Mafia
  • Get up Stand up – Bob Marley
  • Human – The Killers
  • Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
  • Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) – Kelly Clarkson
  • It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
  • We are the Champions – Queen

8. Find an Online Community

Online community accross the globe
 social media community 
work from home: be productive 
rest to best 
Online community accross the globe

Working from home has it’s one of the biggest drawbacks. That’s the loss of community and co-workers.

To fulfill this empty space you should build an online community that can help you.

Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn communities provide you space for specialized work where you can ask questions, complains, share wins, laugh, and even trolls too. Here you can create an amazing community of like-minded people who encourage and guide you.

9. Meditate 10 Minutes a Day

The practice of meditating helps you tune out distractions and stay focused. It soothes and brings peace to your troubled mind.

You can take the help of some Meditation YouTube channels to learn it precisely.

According to the researches, it sharpens your cognitive potential.

10. Invest in Comfy and Office Furniture

Invest in Comfy and Office Furniture
 work from home: be  productive 
rest to best 
Comfy Office Furniture

If you need to work for at least 6+ hours on the computer or lappy, it’s obvious that regular sitting might cause back pain or many more problems simultaneously. It requires you to be stationary. Take intervals after completing small tasks.

You can also invest in comfortable office furniture that maintains good posture and is completely suitable for your body’s ergonomics.

11. The Wise use of social media

wise use of Social Media
 work from home: be productive 
rest to best
The wise use of Social Media

According to a study on average people waste 2 hours a day on social media apps. Sometime this small use quickly turns to a huge time suck.

As social media provides a platform for the community of likeminded people. Many people like me, get on Facebook stories and pages to see what’s new from family, friends, and co-workers. But end up spending an hour answering people’s questions in marketing groups and aimless scrolling.

When you are in some business it’s good to build a social connection online, but it can quickly sweep away working time. You can also block social media URLs during your productive hours.

12. Establish Expectations for Anyone Else at Home

Give time to family 
Establish Expectations for Anyone Else at Home
work from home: be productive rest to best 
Give time to family

One of the most crucial as well as critical parts of working from home is managing expectations with your family members and friends.

While working on some office task it’s tough to manage a work-life balance at home. Expectations are higher from you when you are in front of their eyes, they need your time.

Get to ensure that everyone’s happy and not feeling interrupted or ignored while you’re on work.

13. Healthy Ways to Procrastinate

Yes relaxing for a while definitely help you get work done more productively. But many times procrastination ends up taking us down a rabbit hole of wasted time.

Have you ever noticed while watching a YouTube video related to work or info but unconsciously you end up an hour later watching dance, comedy or prank videos?

Haven’t you? Just only me? Okay Cool.

To avoid it plan an outline for your break. And allow yourself a specific duration for it ensuring you don’t waste time.

14. You can apply the 20-20-20 Rule

The 20-20-20 rule helps you prevent eye problems by staring at a computer screen for 6+ hours a day.

Working continuously might affect your posture and your back gets stretched. And when you look away from your computer screen after a continuous gaze. You realize that your eyes are struggling to adjust and staying focused.

It means you take a 20-second break from looking at a screen in every 20 minutes and focusing on 20 feet away object. This practice results in relaxing the eye muscles.

You can even use blue light blocking glasses that can help you keep your eyes healthy. Well, I am already using them.

15. Discuss with your family about Your Work

When you are working from home and not participating in home stuff. Your family member might feel ignored. If you wanna continue with your work by pleasing them too. It works great that you discuss with your family about your work.

They would understand how important it is to give you space to do that work at home. Inspite of that they’ll motivate you to work more.

16. Eat Healthily

To work productively it’s mandatory to stay healthy. To stay healthy you have to eat healthy for that you need to cook healthy. It’d be great if you cook a healthy diet for you and your family. This will not only keep you fit and fine but also helps you show affection to your family members.

Along with eating a healthy lunch, you should actually take a break for lunch too.

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