Youth Empowerment in India


India, a country with diversity in regions, religions, cultures, languages, and dreams is on the path of leadership along with the struggles and strength of history. The country of billions is on a new rise with the efforts and achievements of the noble citizens of it. Several pinnacles have been achieved and many are to be achieved. It is necessary to focus on youth empowerment in India.

Major sectors dealing with the prominent estimation of youth empowerment in India are – skill development, Technological development, Health Improvement, and the Role of women. Let’s study the factors with the critical to effective levels.

1. Skill development

Skill Development and Youth Empowerment in India

Skill development is the most important aspect of youth empowerment in India. The country experiences a huge advantage by having a young workforce which means it has a high scope of providing manpower to the labor market. But the half of the population is still struggling to be skilled, this dream seemed to be so far. This reality has to be changed. Skills are the base of all the missions and a country can only grow faster if its workforce has the best technical and industrial skills.


 Faculty needs to be upgraded and motivated to skill the aspirants with higher responsibilities.

  • Insufficient sale and restricted capability: The training infrastructure and educational infrastructure needs to be made sufficient keeping in mind the number of aspirants to be skilled.
  • Mobilization: Lack of easily reachable training institutions, aspirants have to migrate with extra investments.
  • Scalability: Due to high capital investments, people are not willing to get specialized skill training.
  • Skill mismatch: Randomly chosen training courses may lead to a mismatch between the interests and abilities of the students.
  • Career counseling: The lack of information about the Pros and Cons of the particular career option, students choose the inappropriate choices for them.
What measures can be taken?
  • Evaluation of training Institutions: The trainers should be trained with the new technologies dealing with the modern world. Faculty needs to be upgraded and motivated to skill the aspirants with higher responsibilities.
  • Train to cope with any situation: Students should be trained to cope with any worse situations– mentally, physically, and financially. This is a must for a bold personality and youth empowerment in India.
  • Enlighten students: The students who are not able to pay should be made aware of the schemes of the government for them.
  •  Skill Survey: Students should be made aware of the existing training institutes, courses offered and career opportunities after the completion of the course.

2.Technological Development

Technological Development and Youth Empowerment in India

The rapid rate of a country’s growth can only be achieved through a higher level of technology. Technological advancement and economic growth are complementary to each other. But if the level of technology becomes constant, the growth process will stop.

Inventions and innovations have been largely responsible for the economic growth of the country. Thus, we can achieve the goal of youth empowerment in India.


  • The education system is traditional needs to be modernized.
  • Our schools focus on the theory-based learning of science and deprive children of hands-on learning.
  • Generally, Indian scientists migrate to foreign countries for better work valuation. 
  • Mainly exploitation is caused by the people with consuming but not productive nature.
  • The cost considered for science and technology is commonly unaffordable. 

Growth measures

  • Government support is the most mandatory in this field. 
  • Increment of the number of seats in good colleges in India.
  • Better minority facilities should be provided for the talented lower sections of the society with better means of teaching.
  • Inspiration from all sides and parental guidance.
  • Organizing frequent national science affairs.

3. Health improvement 

Health Improvement and Youth Empowerment in India
Health Improvement

India has a vast health care system. It is the indifferent aspect of empowering India. It is going through transitions- demographically, economically, and epidemiologically, in health terms. Public and private health systems are placing huge demands on the country’s capacity to train executive health leaders and professionals. Youth empowerment in India can only be possible if health statistics are good.


  • Emphasis on cultural method: People are willing to have cultural health measures instead of primary health care to avoid excessive expenditure.
  • An inadequate outlay of health: according to the National health care policy, the government contribution to the health sector constitutes only 0.9 percent of the GDP. The data is quite insufficient.
  • Social inequality: The imbalance in health facilities can be seen in rural, hilly, and remote areas.
  • Expensive health service: The common man is hit hard by the expensive allopathy and other medical services. While the common man is the face of Youth empowerment in India.

Precution is better than cure.”

Measures to be taken to improve health
  • Focus on prevention: New challenges can be seen around noncommunicable diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer. These diseases have and prominent impact on many Indians but most poor people don’t have the resources to combat diseases like cancer.
  •  Reducing neonatal mortality rates: Today’s children are tomorrow’s future.
  • Improved nutrition: Many backward people in India are still unable to get the proper nutrition food and struggling with many fatal diseases. Proper nutrition should be provided to them.
  • Stronger government accountability: Much of the funding that is allocated to health care is not being used and the lack of staff leads to the underutilization of budgets. We need to keep working with the government to increase funding.
  • Setting up resolution: Resolutions should be set for the regular routine of diet, exercise, and health checkups.

4. Women Empowerment

women empowerment and Youth Empowerment in India

Women empowerment has become one of the biggest movements in India at present. Many Indian women have proven to be the building blocks of the nation with their pure passion for their work and contribute to youth empowerment in India. Most of them are known and respected throughout the world and a few of them are historical figures too. They have covered all social, technical, economic, and scientific fields. 

Challenges for the women empowerment 

  • In India, women have to face many social, personal and professional challenges to develop and grow their skillset.
  • Lack of education: Mainly education is concerned in India but in many regions, women are deprived of these facilities. While they can take it to another level. 
  • Women entrepreneurs have to deal with the conflict between their professional and personal life. Because at the and upbringing of children is posed on the mother.
  • Women entrepreneurs face stiff competition in making themselves stand firm in their venture to become successful. 
  • Women entrepreneurs are considered to be incapable of taking a risk and bearing losses.
How women can be empowered? 
  • Create a safe space: When it comes to women empowerment, the first and most important step is to create a safe environment where they can live work, and travel unhesitatingly.
  • Education: The most an-avoidable factor which is necessary for women’s empowerment is education. We should encourage them and provide facilities to gain prior knowledge.
  • Tech jobs and business skills: To compete the mainstream women have to be skilled and wise in the economical and social aspects.
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence: Building confidence and putting the views and opinion during stage speaking enhances the reputation of them.
  • Building a belief power: Belief in oneself plays a vital role in facing every hurdle and reaching to the top of a level of oneself. Belief in capability, skill, knowledge, and most importantly belief in oneself should be built-in women to move shoulder to shoulder with men in terms of success.


The majority of the Indian population is youth. This the right time to empower the youth generation of the country to empower and enrich it. Financial and educational investment should be done on the workforce of the country. Youth empowerment in India can lead to a developed India.

Higher the investment, Higher the profit.



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